Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Knitting Grandma

Today I made a cute scene using the fabulous Grandmother At Home Set...

It's a horrible wet day today so Jacqueline Tailbury is sat in her favourite chair knitting. 'I best make a start on all these Christmas orders, it will be here before we know it!'.
Kitty xx

Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Brightfields Go To The Dentist

Hello, today I made some fun scenes using the Country Clinic - today is the dentist clinic.

Nancy Brightfield is taking daughter Mandy (along with baby Jenny) to see the dentist. She's very nervous as it's her first visit. 'Come on Mandy you will be fine, there's nothing to worry about it's just going to be a quick check up'.

Nancy goes to the check in desk to let them know they have arrived for their appointment.
'Hello there nurse, my daughter Mandy Brightfield is here for her check up appointment at 4pm'. 'Fabulous, please take a seat and the dentist will call you in shortly'.

Mandy gets onto the dentist chair and puts on a special bib. 'Hello there Mandy, my name is Alex Periwinkle if you can just open your mouth as wide as possible and I'll take a look at your teeth.  I can see you are doing a great job keeping them clean and I can see you have some big teeth coming through. That's all for today Mandy, keep on brushing them twice a day and I will see you in six months. Here is a sticker for being such a big brave girl'.
'I am so pleased the dentist said I have been doing a great job with cleaning my teeth. It wasn't that bad after all mum... I hope i get another sticker next time, I can't wait!'

Kitty xx

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Baby Train

We have so many new sylvanian items we have been collecting over the past few months including some super cute baby items. Here is a little scene using the cute Baby Train.

Freddie Babblebrook & Scott Sandy love to play on the toy ride on train.
'Come on Freddie, go faster, go faster'. 
 Kitty xx

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Introducing... The Cakebreads

I have been very busy behind the scenes building lots of new bits for my diorama scenes so be prepared for lots of new pictures very soon! I thought I would introduce our latest family.
Introducing the Cakebread Toy Poodle Family.
 Meet Frank, Veronica, Eric, Melinda and the twins Max & Mia.
We still need to get baby Milo too, so hopefully he will be joining them soon.
Kitty xx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Making Diorama Rocks

I've been super busy building and waiting for our beach diorama to dry, so whilst waiting I thought I would have a go at making some rocks. This is my first time making these and I'm so pleased how they turned out - they can only get better too the more I make. I wish I had made some step by step photos now so maybe I will have to do that soon.
The the actual base/shape is made from Expandable Foam (the DIY spray can stuff!). It is very similar to styrofoam but so cheaper and easier to cut and mold. I sprayed the rough shape and allowed it to dry. Once dry I carved the rough shapes randomly making sure there are random crevices like you would get on natural rocks. I went over the edges with some sand paper so some edges were slightly smoother. I then covered the shapes with plaster wall filler - this makes them nice and sturdy and dries super quickly. Next was the painting bit which was a bit of trial and error. I started with the darkest colour and built up the layers to the lightest colour. I used a dark grey for the base and coloured it all over. I then added a touch of white and brushed over the edges leaving the crevices the darker shade. For the final layer I just added some pale grey for the highlights. This works best with a dry brush and to dab off the excess paint - it makes it so much easier. For the final touch I added some green turf powder and some grey grit around the base.
Now I just need to make bigger ones and a cliff next!
 Kitty xx

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sales & Bargains!

I thought I would just let you all know that there is an amazing Sylvanian Families offer on at Amazon UK and also at Smyth Toys. The brand new Starry Point Lighthouse that was released in the UK earlier this year is on a great special offer - it's almost half price! It's down from £60 to £34.99 - absolute bargains so if you haven't snapped it up already, get it now! 
Of course I have had to order this one, but we may have to keep it for Christmas - we will see! Asda also has a massive toy sale and nearly all Sylvanians are on offer so check them out too! 

I'm currently building my beach diorama so hopefully I will have more scenes to share with you soon :) 

Kitty xx

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Market Day

Well I have had a bit of a break from scene building for a while but I am so glad to be back and creating more fun scenes with the cute critters that are of course my precious Sylvanians! I hope to share more scenes with you, here is my latest....  

'Nora and Frank Goldbacke love to help their mum Emma set up the fruit stand for market day.'
Kitty xx